Cockroach Control

Are there cockroaches in? Yes. The cockroach is the most common species. They can be found wherever moisture, food and shelter are available. Cockroaches (eggs included) are usually brought indoors via our belongings, luggage, boxes or packages.

The insects have been on the earth surface for more than 400 million years. This means that they have proved themselves as good survivors. It has been found out that the cockroaches were alive during the age if dinosaurs. They are in fact considered as the first flying animals. Like termites, some of the species of roaches have the capability to digest wood and feed on them.

Sailors on infested ships used to wear gloves while sleeping so as to keep the insects from nibbling their fingernails. The cockroaches have an intense liking for the glues, especially the ones on envelopes, glue bindings at the back of the books and on the back of postage stamps. They are even capable of living up to a month without their head. And above all, it has been said that crushed cockroaches applied on stinging wounds have proved to relieve pain.

How are They Harmful?

Cockroaches are able to carry pathogenic bacteria onto food which is responsible for food poisoning outbreaks because of their movement through washrooms, refuse heaps and sewers. Another risk to human health arises from the ability of cockroach egg shells, moulting skin and droppings to cause allergic reactions or asthma that can be very serious for some people. Contact us for professional management options.

Signs of Cockroach Infestation

The most conclusive evidence of cockroach infestation is simply seeing them in the home. However, it is not that easy to spot then during daytime since they are nocturnal creatures. A distinguishable and pungent odour would also be left behind by the roaches which make it easy to identify their presence. If the infestation is very severe, the cockroaches can be seen during the daytime. This may be because their habitat must be overcrowded or they are in search of food. Since the insects are quite distinctive, they can be easily identified.

Before deciding how to kill roaches in your home, it is best to develop a plan. The most effective roach control typically requires more than one type of treatment method.


  • Identify Problem Areas With Flashlight And Glue Strips
  • Use Caulk To Close Gaps To Prevent Further Infestation
  • Place Gel Bait Bait Stations To Effectively Reduce Cockroach Population
  • Boric Acid Powder For Added Effectiveness
  • Pest Management Professional

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