SUGUNA Pest Control Services in Koyambedu 5/5 (1)

Pest Control Services in Koyambedu
Pest Control Services in Koyambedu

We are one of the eminent company in Koyambedu in the field of Pest Control Services. For any questions Call 9884577222.

About Koyambedu

In 1995, a year before the fruit and vegetable market was inaugurated, making Kothwal Chavadi lose its glamour, Koyambedu was well known for its SAF Games Village- an exclusive settlement created for the participants of the South Asian Federation Games in Chennai. This was how the particular location came to be known as Ko (horse)+Ambu (arrow)+ Pedu (fence). Lakshmana and the soldiers came into the ashram in order to retrieve the horse. But they were no match to the little soldiers.

 It coordinates 13.069362°N 80.197427°E

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